• Jude-Anne Phillip

Single fathers, I see you. Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day, a day on which the woman who gave birth to you, nurtured you, protected you and loved you unconditionally is honored.

My mother is no longer with us but I was lucky enough to have spent 28 years of my life with someone who was extremely gracious, classy and the epitome of what a mother should be and as a mother I try every day to emulate her.

There is no doubt that mothers do a lot for their children and families, particularly single mothers who play the role of mother and father, but what about those single fathers who play the role of father and mother.

In recent times I have seen so many advertisements that praise the strength, patience and determination that goes along with being a mother, which is definitely deserved, but what about the fathers? The fathers who are present and very active in their children's lives or who are the only ones in their children's lives.

These fathers, even on Father's Day, do not get the recognition and praise that they deserve, especially if they are required to be both father and mother to their children. I say all of this not to diminish the importance of Mother's Day but to try to encourage some level of equity for the single fathers and fathers in general. I say all of this because I know a few single fathers out there who are with their children 24/7, combing their hair; making breakfast, lunch and dinner; doing laundry, nurturing, loving and protecting their children.

So today as we celebrate the women in our lives, let us also remember the single fathers out there whose hard work and dedication to their children go unnoticed.



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