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For better or worse – Living beyond “I do”

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I was recently introduced to the story of Laura Browning Grant and her husband Johnathan Grant from a viral video of the two of them sharing an intimate moment.

The backstory of this amazing couple is that in March, less than a month before their fifth wedding anniversary, Johnathan, a Navy SEAL, was in an accident which left him with a brain injury and a low chance of survival.

Seventeen days after the accident, Johnathan, fortunately, started to show some slight signs of responsiveness and ever since then, has been on a very painful and difficult road to recovery with his wife right by his side.

Naturally, the article on the couple published by Cosmopolitan left me intrigued so I visited Laura’s Instagram page and I was moved to tears when I saw some of her other pictures and videos of her and her husband.

What moved me about the couple was just how genuine their love is and the respect that they have for the vows that they took five years ago.

The institution of marriage has become meaningless to many people. From the moment a couple is engaged, all of their focus is placed on the wedding. The size of the ring, getting the perfect dress, the cake, the decor, the band. Very little thought goes into what exactly this next chapter in their lives really entails.

And when married life does not live up to their expectations, divorce papers are signed without even a second thought and they move on to the next.

When my husband and I decided to get married we had a discussion about what that would mean and what expectations we each had as we made the transition from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife.

I was actually very surprised, pleasantly surprised, at the level of importance my husband placed on marriage and our family. Marriage meant that we were a team, even more so than before. He has my back during my low points and I have his back during his. No matter what.

But a lot of people, at the first sign of hardship, be it an illness or financial difficulties, tend to run away. Because the situation makes them uncomfortable or makes them unhappy, they become distant and all of a sudden the marriage stops being less about we and more about me.

Marriage isn’t a fairy tale that ends in happily ever after. There are good times and there are bad times. But marriage means that you have someone to laugh with during the good times and someone to hold your hand during the bad.

When I read stories about couples like the Grants, who, no matter what, are devoted to one another, day in and day out, in sickness and in health, it makes me feel relieved. Relieved that there are still persons out there who truly honor the promises that they made when they said I do.

Click here to read the Cosmopolitan article on the Grants.

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