• Jude-Anne Phillip

As a mother of two boys modern feminism worries me

As a mother I worry a lot. I worry about my sons' futures, about their diet and health, their school work, whether or not they are getting enough sleep or in some cases too much sleep. I worry about everything. In recent times however, the rhetoric of some modern feminists and their overall drive to devalue and make men and masculinity obsolete have me doubly (or triply) worried about the quality of life my boys will have when they become men.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no issue with promoting equality of the sexes if equality really is equality. The problem I have with some modern feminists is that their fight tends to lean more on the side of crushing everything male and encouraging a bias that favors all things female, rather than achieving genuine, progressive equity.

I do realize that not all feminists support these expressions of misandry. However, the radical feminists that do are quite often very vocal about their cause (or are heavily featured on various media outlets possibly for shock value or to prove a point) and young girls/up and coming feminists can be greatly influenced by their anti-men ideologies and attitudes without truly understanding the genesis and agenda of the feminist movement.

As a result, we are left with a generation of "feminists" with a misconstrued idea of the meaning of gender equality and a warped sense of how a strong, independent, feminist woman should be embodied.

The reason I worry about this is because my boys will have to deal with these feminists head on at every stage of their lives. They will be going into a battle where they are seen as nothing more than "walking dildos" who are "rapists, batterers, plunderers and killers" for no other reason than the fact that they are male.

My boys who my husband and I teach the importance of family will interact with females who believe that the "inequities between men and women [cannot be destroyed] until we destroy marriage" and that the "break up of families now [will be] a revolutionary process."

My boys who we encourage to work hard so that they could achieve anything that they put their minds to will work with or for females who believe that "the more famous and powerful [they] get the more power [they] have to hurt men."

Lastly my boys who my husband and I raise to be respectful, thoughtful and loving individuals will always be seen as doing wrong because of females who believe that "men have only two faults, everything they say and everything they do."

Unfortunately, all of these quotes are statements that have been made by radical feminists (Radical Feminist Quotes, 23 quotes from feminists that will make you rethink feminism) and, unfortunately, these notions, or very slightly watered down versions, are being taught to girls and boys in schools and in university.

From a young age boys and girls are being indoctrinated into radical opinions on the relationship between men and women, the inherent danger or threat that males pose to females, the general idea that the intent of most men is usually perverse or degrading in nature and the general idea that women should not be questioned.

Men now have to follow so many complex rules to simply approach, talk to, interact with, date, be intimate with, love, marry and work with a woman. They have become jaded by daily interactions that often result in them battling logic deficient women. Boys and men are slowly being stripped of their confidence and are slowly being turned into less than a woman's equal.

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