• Jude-Anne Phillip

All I want for Christmas

As Christmas is less than two weeks away and the tree is up, Santa letters are mailed and my children's presents have already been secured, I have only now gotten the time to think about what I would like for Christmas.

So I thought, why not write my own letter to Santa. Wouldn't hurt. So here it goes.

Dear Santa,

I hope all is well. I know you haven't heard from me in 30 years but you know ... life.

I thought that I would reach out to you this year because there are some things that I would like for Christmas that I think only you could get me. You never disappointed in the past and I am hoping for the same result.

So, here is my list.

I would like to experience sleeping without little hands and feet punching and kicking me in every body part that I own.

I would like to sleep on my bed rather than balancing on the edge of it. I would admit, this has done wonders for my core strength but I really don't think that I need to workout while I sleep.

In keeping with the sleep theme that I have going here, I would like to cuddle with my husband at night. We do sleep in the same bed but there are always these two galaxies between us all the time so it kind of makes it difficult.

I would like to watch a movie that didn't involve an animated character, puppets or ridiculously catchy children's songs.

I would like to eat a snack without having to share.

I would like to do something else other than laundry. Somehow I bought a laundry basket with a bottomless pit for a base.

Lastly, I would like to stop smelling like baby milk or poop. I swear the smell does not go away no matter how often I shower.

Thanking you in advance.

But as I really think about my list I start to wonder, do I really want these things? I mean yes I do miss these little freedoms that I enjoyed pre-babies but do I really want these things again?

Having these freedoms would mean that my two boys are not in my life. It would mean not feeling their little hands wrap around me when they give me the biggest hugs they could muster. It would mean not hearing their giggles as they share their best poop/fart joke. It would mean not seeing the excitement on their faces when they get a new toy they just had to have and it would mean that those family of four snuggle in bed days would cease to exist and in all honesty, this does not sound very appealing to me.

I love my boys, and everything that comes with them being in my life. So Santa, I don't think that you will be getting any more letters from me because my family and those two little bed thieves are all I need to make me happy.


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