• Jude-Anne Phillip

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I recently heard about the 30-day de-clutter challenge from Love and Marriage blog and I decided that I would give it a try.

I am always amazed at how quickly junk could pile up in our house and I absolutely hate it. Generally speaking, I am a very organised person, however, with two kids and a husband my house is always in disarray.

I don’t know about you, but for me living in a cluttered, disorganized house always affects my overall mood and, for the sake of my sanity, it is time for a change.

So, for the month of August I will be tackling my house day by day until, hopefully, by the end of the challenge, I would have reclaimed my space.

I will post updates on Facebook and Instagram, so follow me and if you are also going to give the challenge a try be sure to share your progress along the way.

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